Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ending this blog

Hi! So after a lot of thinking, I have decided to end this blog. It doesn´t mean that I own´t write anything anymore, it´s just that I started a new blog which I´m more confortable and feels like more mature to me. The content will be very similar to this one, but I will try and post about pretty much everything, not only fashion and styling ideas.

The new blog is:, so yeah, I hope you continue enjoying my posts there! :)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Not Too Much

Hi everyone! I know we are still in mid-summer and dark clothes are a no go, but that hasn´t stopped me on doing a collection of mostly black clothes and accessories, as that´s my weak spot: black on black on black. And reverse.

Everyone owns some black pieces on their wardrobe, and it is known that an all-black-outfit changes your life. To the better. Always. But sometimes it is harder than one thinks to put together an all-black-outfit when you are not exactly a person who does it very often, or you have the feeling of looking too dark and not cool enough. (Well, this is a feeling that I have sometimes and hopefully others, too hahaha).

I hope I can give you guys some ideas on how to dress in all black without making you feel like you are Lord Voldemort or anything like that for that matter. :)

P. s I have recently started watching all the Harry Potter movies (I had never watched them chronologically so I was pretty lost and not as interested in the saga as I am now), that´s why I have referenced You-Know-Who. If your summer is rainy and you don´t feel like going out, watching these movies is a good plan, let me tell you!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fenty x Puma: all year long

Good day everyone, how is your summer going? I´m vacationing in my hometown and the weather is 50% rainy and chill, and the other 50% is sunny and warm- how it should be all the time... but hey, this is what you get when you are in the Basque Country!

Anyway, this post is not about the weather forecast of my hometown, but rather an outfit collection I did with some of the Fenty x Puma pieces that I love. In other words, I did a bunch of outfits with pieces from Rihanna´s collaboration with Puma.

The outfits are not just for the summer, but for the four seasons- I wanted this collection to be for people who are living both the warm and cold weather, so hopefully it will be helpful!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Summer (finally) came!

Hi everyone! I just finished my first college year so now I can finally say that I´m free!
Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys my latest love, which is the white color. I just picture thousands of outfits that give you that fresh look for summer, and so I´ll tell you my favorite white pieces as for June!

Untitled #10772

The off-the-shoulder blouse has been popular for a couple of years now, but I recently bought one very similar to this one from H&M, to give a bit more of a chic look to my everyday outfits- which lately have consisted of very simple ones, making me look as if I was going to class in my PJ´s.

As for jeans, I have realized how much popularity are getting the mom jeans (or relaxed jeans for that matter), and it feels like saying goodbye to wearing skinny jeans 24/7- which is fine by me!

When it comes to bags, I have been using mini bags or small backpacks for the last two months or so, as I feel lighter with them and doesn´t make you feel like you got to carry Captan America´s shield everytime you go out or to work. I can´t forget the little travel bag either! It´s great to have one of these not only when you go on holidays, as it is just as functional to carry everyday makeup with you without worrying of something spilling in there. #lifesaver

Last but not least, summerish shoes are all I have been dreaming for since the good weather made its first appearance here in Barcelona- mules and espradilles are my constant mood, I swear. I own a pair of tan colores espradilles already, but the laced ones are just too cute! 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Hair inspiration of the month

So two years ago I had my hair silver, white, blonde, purple, green and black- all in a matter of 6 months (wow I did change my hair color quite a lot! haha). But since summer 2015, I have had it brunette, natural, and now I have the same exact issue I had back when I first wanted to dye it: I´m bored of it!

I consider myself someone who is versatile when it comes to life in general- I like to change every once in a while, as I get bored of routines really easily. Same goes with my hair. And so I have been thinking about taking some inspiration from other bloggers and influencers from Instagram... and one of them REALLY stands out on my list. I´m talking about Alexandra Burimova.

Her style is amazing, her Instagram pics are even more, but her hair style is the cherry on top.

I have been following her for ages now, and my inner let´s-change-my-hair spirit has been totally swept over its feet with her most recent hairstyle. Being a natural brunette, Burimova has been dying her hair this ashy blonde color for a long time- and it suits her very, very well. 

When it comes to me, I wanna let my hair grow a bit more before doing anything with it, as I want to let it grow in peace and in a healthy way before changing it. That´s why, maybe after this summer, I might go to the hairdresser´s- I´m one of those people who only go there if it´s REALLY necessary- and try this look.

Just as I got inspiration from her, I hope some of you get it too! By the way, her Instagram name is @burimova, if anyone is interested on seeing more of her. xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Styling the Acne Leather Jacket

Wearing and styling a leather jacket can be pretty easy when it´s black, but  when it comes to a chromatic variety of leather gotta be careful with your outfit picks. 

Being a lover for cold colors, the UCLA blue is a fresh shade which can make monochrome outfits look even more bomb than what they -already- are. Both for winter and summer outfits, this Acne Jacket is a smart pick to keep you from that breeze (or freeze) while you are out with friends.