Saturday, 22 February 2014

A really special day!

Hello guys! Today is a very special day for me, just ebcause of the fact that is my grandmother´s birthday, who is turning 77. 
As every Saturday, I am having lunch with my family, but today we are celebrating one of my grandmothers´ birthday, so I thought about an outfit which I can use all day and night without getting tired (as I am going out with my friends at night). Even though I try to wear dressy things everyday, today I am wearing a similar outfit to the one you can see below:
Untitled #1853

I hope everyone has a lovely day! Xx :)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Favourite spring outfit

Hi guys!
As each one of you has, I also do have a favourite outfit for Spring, which I´d wear every single day. It´s bright and appropiate for the weather we have during this time of the year, so here it is.
The best thing is that this outfit can be worn in different colours, but it´s a must for this year´s Spring. 
What´s your opinion about it? 
I hope you have a wonderful day! Xx Kat
Untitled #1796

Must have shoes for Spring

Good morning guys! I hope you are great!
So today I thought about posting some sets which could be useful for this upcoming Spring (and no, I am not talking only about outfits).
First of all, how would you describe Spring? My answer would be: "Spring is that time of the year when it rains a lot or it´s really sunny and looks like is summer out there. Also, it´s the time when we wear colourful outfits (even if I am more of black and white than colourful) and have a big smile on our mouthes, wearing scarves and flats, shorts and parkas, all during the same day."
There is a huge variety of shoes which can be worn during Spring, and I have some which I think are "Must haves". I am talking about leather shoes, flats, slip-ons and ankle boots. Each one of us has a different style and way of thinking, and I know many of you would disagree with my idea of having these types of shoes in your wardrobe, but I think they are useful, apart from the fact that they´re really "in". (You can see/buy my favourite shoes on one of my last post).
Also, I have a favourite outfit for this Spring, which I´d wear every single day. (This one is on my last post).
Hope you have a wonderful day! Xx Kat

Must have shoes for Spring

Friday, 14 February 2014


Hello guys! I would like to tell you some really exciting news (at least, for me): I am going to Australia for three months this summer (winter there)! I am really happy to have the chance of going to different countries to get out of Spain and also to learn English. I think it´s quite interesting to visit different countries of the World while you are able to, not many people have this incredible chance.
I have been to Ireland (once) and to England (twice), and this year I am going to Australia, but the thing is I won´t be able to spend a summer holiday while there- it will be winter there, so I have done a list of basics which I will wear during three months in the other part of the world, so here is what I am thinking of wearing (for now). Maybe there will be changes, but mostly I will wear jumpers, jackets, a beanie (or two), gloves, scarfs, most useful jeans, Chelsea boots and Converse.
Hopefully I will be able to buy clothes and stuff there (I have heard Australia is quite expensive, but I don´t know if that´s true), and have a wonderful time, too.
Hope you all are having a great time :) See you! Xx

Saturday, 8 February 2014

School, school, school

Good morning everyone! How is school going? Mine sucks (not literally, I just don´t like getting up really early in the morning), but it´s not that bad. At least I can rock a different outfit everyday without wearing a uniform, always trying to impress myself everyday.
But, the truth is, I usually wear the same or similar outfits nearly three days a week, just because of the fact I am too lazy to think of new ideas when I have to go to school and sit around for seven hours. 
These days I´ve wearing leggings a lot (they´re some of the most comfortable pants the human has invented) and also jumpers, such as my Teenage Runaway one (I am in love with it).
For shoes, I´ve been earing my High Top White Converse everyday during this week, and I think I´ll never get tired of them. Converse are so fabulous.
Instead of messing around with my famous messy buns, I´ve been with my hair down, or sometimes half up half down, since I discovered buns and stuff like that destroy your hair.
Also, I´ve had a new haircut, so I´ll start treating my hair better now, going around with my hair down as much time as I can, and stop doing messy buns and ponytails everytime. Hair need good care to stay healthy, shiny and grow faster!
To sum up: this is one of my this week´s most inspirational outfit, changing it to my London Loves LA jumper and High Top White Converse:
I hope you all have a great weekend :) Xx

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hello there! If you scroll a little bit thorugh my blog you'll be able to see a post of two jumpers I ordered last month... Well, now I can say I've finally got them! I'm glad I didn't have any problem with them!
I am really happy with both of them, they're both better quality than I thought they were, so that made me a lot happier.
My Topshop jumper arrived two or three weeks after I ordered it, while my Teenage Runaway jumper arrived nearly a month later. Anyway, I think the waiting was worth it!
The Topshop jumper is one of the best coloured jumpers I have, to be honest. It is two-toned (you can clearly see that if you get close enough) and is really really cozy, I love it! The truth is I am more into black, white, grey, navy blue and denim, but when I saw this jumper I knew I needed it in my wardrobe. Now that it's finally mine, I contemplate it all day, and I cannot wait to wear it! Also, it's quite wide at the sides, and it makes it even more attractive (it looks like it's a bit oversized, and I love it).
My Teenage Runaway jumper came a week or so after the previous jumper (it's from London Loves LA, if anyone's wondering). This jumper is clearly a little oversized but also really cozy and incredibly warm! I've worn it to school and I have to say it's a must in any school wardrobe. I am so happy with it, and I recommend it 100%. Also, it is not expensive (I payed around 50€), like the Topshop one, so you don't have to pay as much as you have to for a The Reformation jumper (which can cost more than 89€).
So, if you haven't realised yet, I am the happiest girl alive with my two new jumpers!
Do you know any other good jumpers which are not really expensive? Leave comments below please! Love Kat xx P.s. Here I leave you with some photos of the jumpers! (Sorry for the bad quality of my phone)