Monday, 28 July 2014

Inspiration of the week: Eleanor Calder

Hello everyone! This post will be all about the style essentials of the one and only Eleanor Calder, my biggest inspiration for my everyday life, looks, and everything. This girl has change dmy life in many different ways and my look is one of them- most of my style is inspired in her way of rocking practically everything she owns, from casual jeans to designer bags. So, here we go!
To start with the post I´ve been willing to write for years, I am going to start with the most essential thing she owns and completes her wardrobe- black jeans. Usually seen in her Topshop Leigh jeans, she has worn them 99% of the time we get pictures of her whenever it is in a One Direction concert or walking on the street with her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. These pair of jeans are an essential in any wardrobe, they go with everything and everyone has zero problems pulling them off, not matter your  body shape or anything like that, as they-actually- show your curves and flatter all the shapes. No excuses.
When I first saw pictures of her she was really classy, always wearing a light coloured blouse, but as the years came her style has changed a bit- now you can nearly see her everyday wearing a simple jumper (oversized, easy jumper...) and she makes some cute outfits with them, normally wearing some sneakers or boots. Most comfortable piece of clothing ever.
Also, her shoe-taste is the best I know- she usually rocks dark coloured or monochrome ones (usually from Topshop) almost all year, not matter if it is summer or winter. She uses brogues quite a lot along with any type of ankle boots or mid-calf boots. She is also seen with sneakers such as Converse, Vans and slip-ons.
High-waisted shorts are a total must in her wardrobe, they are really fashionable again and make your bum look better! They also make your stomach look flatter and let you wear a blouse or shirt underneath them without looking weird at all. Don´t matter how dark or light coloured theya re, there are heaps ways for wearing them!
Let´s not forget about her beautiful dresses- usually from Zara and Topshop (sometimes designer ones), and how they flatter her thin body shape, letting her legs be seen with some beautiful sandals or flats.
How about some leather jackets? Yes, most of them are quite pricy, but how appropiate are they for winter walks or for a rocking outfit with a summer dress and some heels? They keep you warm but not too much, so you can use them during summer nights, but they keep you warm enough to use them in winter along with a scarf and some not-too-thick jumper.
What can I say about her amazing dungarees and playsuits? From denim ones to sporty-classy ones, she really knows how to wear them not matter what season is- that´s why she owns long and shorts ones, perfect for each type of season. These have been quite fashionable in the last years and now they are quite trendy among teenagers, so don´t forget to get a pair!
Last but not least, I am going to tell you some facts about her bags: yes, most of them are signature ones- Mulberry and Saint Laurent are the ones she has used quite frequently in the last year- and yes, most of them are dark coloured- black mostly. As they haven´t got a bright colour such as yellow, orange, red, etc, she can use them with all her outfits-they never get "too seen" or "too used". There are many fo them which are quite similar to the ones she uses in shops such as Zara, Mango, Topshop and more!
Comment below! Love from Kat xx

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Broguies on feet

Hello everyone! How is your day going?
Mine was quite good, while I was wearing my new brogues on my feet along with black coated jeans and a birdy jumper and a khaki and black biker jacket (last two from Zara). Today was my first day wearing brogues without the uniform I'm using during the week- one of the reasons why I am not going to post outfits of the day very often these three months, while I am in Australia.
Well, this kind of shoes is my must have for the next 4000 years, as they never get old at all- and the make you look 100% classy even if you are wearing a dress or some old jeans and a leather jacket. They are very comfortable and choosing them in black or brown gives you the chance to wear them with nearly all your outfits. They can also be worn to a special event or just to go shopping, but either way they will make people stare at your shoes- all women's dream.
Here I leave you with my lovely pair, and if you wonder how I would style them don't hesitate to go to and let me know what you think! Love from Kat xx

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Australian trends

Gooday guys! How are you? As you may know, I am in Australia for three months (that's the reason why I am not posting much and I am a bit inactive on Polyvore), and I got a great idea- I thought of showing you what is trendy in Adelaide, where I am staying.
Today I went to a market (which was really lovely by the way) and saw a part of a flashmob, and while I was there, I took the chance to see what people were wearing, so I thought 'hey, I have seen this quite a lot, what about posting it on my blog?' So yes, this is what I am going to do.
Okay, there we go with the must haves of Adelaide!
First of all, as in many countries, jeans and dark bottoms are the trendiest pieces of clothing here. You may see midi skirts, but you can clearly see people pulling off all different types of jeans. While some use these, other go for black jeans, or dark ones-like brown, dark blue, dark green, etc.
I have also seen many people wearing high boots- unlike in Spain, where the midcalf boots are the most popular boots right now, here many people own a pair of boots which go from your toes to your knee. Which are actually perfect for Australian winter.
Talking about outerwear, I have seen mostly green parkas in my town, but in Adelaide most people go for really dark ones or cream- coloured ones.
Apart from this, mustard and red seem to be the most popular colours among Australians. These two colours have been worn in scarves, jeans, fluffy jumpers, teess, and some coats. It looks like they are really loved here!

Monday, 14 July 2014

First Australian shopping and found my dream jumper

Hello everyone! First of all I want to apologise for not posting much these days, I am in Australia for three months and I have been three days in a camp without wifi... A hell, actually.
And todau, as I am in Adelaide already, I went to so some shopping and guess what- I went to American Apparel for the first time ever and I really loved it! Things in Australia are really really expensive, but I finally got the chance to buy a jumper that I have wanted for a very long time- two years to be exact. Since the day I saw Eleanor Calder (my main fashion inspiration) wearing it back in May 2012, I thought 'That jumper has to be mine'. So after begging my mum to buy it but not being successful at all because of unknown reasons, I finally got it! I still camnot believe it!
Also, I went to Sussans and found a great beanie for less than ten dollars so it was a total bargain, apart from being perfect for known as 'bad hair days'. Black and simple, just my style.
If you want any tips of how I would style my AA jumper, just go to my Polyvore and you can find some sets. Here I leave you with aome pictures from today!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Inspiration of the week: Alexa Chung

Hi there! So I started doing some kind of inspiration board, and yerterday I saved some pictures of my latest fashion inspirations for the board. As I went looking to Alexa Chung´s pictures, I thought "Hey, how about doing a weekily post about my inspirations?" 
And that it what I´m going to go; this way, you get the chance to see who inspires me everyday and who I look up to when I get dressed.
My first post about fashion inspirations will be Alexa Chung, and here I am going to explain some esssentials in her wardrobe. Here we go!
First of all, Alexa loves leopard tops, such as jumpers, jackets... Which is quite fashionable nowadays in the fashion world. She likes to style these type of tops with knee-length skirts, both sequin or plaid ones. She also owns thousands of clutches to combine with these outfits to complete them.
Apart from this, she loves to wear these kinds of skirts with all kind of blouses or shirts, most of them very classy (button-up ones) with different types of patterns and colours, which she wears most for when she has to pose in front of the camera.
Alexa also loves dungarees, which she pulls off with every kind of clothing, shoes, hairstyle, everything. Whenever she shows styling them in a different way she always rocks them like noone can. That is something I love about her.
Chung also has this trendy style, which she just completes with some basic high-waisted shorts, a cream-coloured blouse or shirt and a lightweight parka for summer, along with some flats and Chanel bags, and also Mulberry too (she has her own bag in Mulberry called with the same name as her, the Mulberry Alexa).
Last but not least, we have seen her quite much on the typical English festivals, where we can see her wearing some denim shorts, striped T-Shirts and jumpers, with an amazing leather biker jacket (which is very wearable), and knee socks worn with some rain boots (we all know what the weather is like in England).

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hoodies on!

Goodnight guys! This post is all about hoodies- I love this piece of clothing so much. They are one of the most comfortable things which can be worn at any season and they are an easy piece to complete an outfit. So I thought about doing some for you, so you have a chance to see how easy it is to style them. Here I leave you some ideas that can be worn in lazy days, such as when you go to the airport, or just going grocery shopping, or sometimes to school.
Tell me what you think about them! X