Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn has come!

This autumn has started with still a great sunny weather in my town, so it is perfect to wear something for a summer day with a little detail that shows that winter is coming little by little... And with this I mean either a beanie or an organza jacket. 
Lately I have been obsessed with some amazing pieces (which can be seen if you go to my polyvore account and see my sets) and I´m 100% sure they will be quite trendy even if a new season starts!
Here I leave you with my latest obsessions :) x Kat

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Gotta go with new booties

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting anything last week but I have started school again and I will be really busy the first days, but I will try to post as much as I can!
Okay, so as I am back from Australia, I got the chance to use my whole wardrobe, and I finally got a perfect outfit for these cloudy days.
One of my last purchases were the Zara boots, which are quite similar to the YSL Patti ones but waaaay much cheaper, so I got them!
I went for a really simple outfit today, with black and stripes mostly.
I also got the chance to show off my new Zara leather biker jacket (which is on sale now!), and I have to say this outfit is one of the most comfortable ones I have ever tried.
Here I leave you some pictures, do not forget to visit my Polyvore ( and comment below! X Kat

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Denim outerwear

There are plenty of trends that never stop being fashionable- not even if 100 years pass by. This can include denim jackets, loafers, oxfords, midi skirts, and a smile. 
Each of these fashion pieces can be styled in one hundred different ways, so I thought of making a collection with one of the- yes, that´s right, the infamous denim jacket. Making every outfit stylish since around the 70´s, denim jackets have gained a lot of popularity and continue being one of the biggest trends around the world in 2014 (and will continue being, surely). 
There are plenty of diferent types of these jackets- distressed, cropped, knee-length, with different shades of blue... So I thought of showing you how I would style different denim jackets during the whole year´s seasons. 
As this clothing is a must on everyone´s wardrobe, I thought it would be helpful to show you my ideas.
Let me know what you think :) x

NYC giiiiiiiiiirl

Hi everyone, I´m sure you have heard about being a "NYC girl". People refer to someone as that when they are taken as an inspiration for lots of people around the world- and start cool trends that will be on for ages. 
Some of their best accessories and clothes are, for instance, the infamous black beanie, cut-out shoes, ankle booties and fedoras. These are very easy to see on the street, and are very versatile and chic. Bad hair day? Beanie and fedora. Want to look chic and English? Oxfords. Want to have that detail that makes your outfit impossible not to look at? Fur coat. Etc etc etc.
These pieces are some of my favourites, and as always, I will leave you with some ideas o how to style them like a "NYC girl".
Don´t forget to comment! Kat x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

NYFW 2015: Alexander Wang RTW

Gooday guys! So as many of you may already know, New York Fashion Week has already started, and guess who had one of the best Ready To Wear collections? Yes that´s right- the one and only Alexander Wang.
After watching his show, some of his pieces and details have caught my eye- making me fall in love with his stuff all over again. He never fails to impress anyone really!
Untitled #4051

Untitled #4051 by katgorostiza on Polyvore

The first outfits of his collection were marked with a detail which is quite similar to a barcode- not matter the size, big or small. These outfits have been marked with it making it look like a belt, or nearly hidden in the collar of the jumpers of his collection.
Neon colours are quite popular and trendy nowadays, and Wang did not hesitate on giving them a chance in accessories, shoes, or the clothes themselves. He has created quite a few looks with neon colours which give live to his outfits and changing a bit from monochrome.
Grey has been quite popular too during the show, wether it was on a dress or top.
High collars have had an important appearance in this collection, as I have seen nearly all the outfits with a high collar, not matter if it was a dress, a shirt, or a jumper.
Cigarette trousers have made (once again) their way to the spotlight, making every outfit look chic and classy.
And as accessories, mini bags have been quite successful, giving a charming look to all the outfits. They have been quite popular the past year, but it looks like now they will get more attention, after seeing how good they look. 
What do you think about Alexander Wang´s new collection? Ready to buy it? Let me know what you think! Kat x

Friday, 5 September 2014

Skull here, skull there, skull in your scarf!

I have liked skulls since I was a child, and they also remind me of my favourite movie serie- Pirates of the Caribbean, and now seeing different brands promoting skulls in their scarves is just awesome! As I have got a very basic and simple style, sometimes skulls looks great on my outfits- more in accessories. Brands such as Alexander McQueen and Uniqlo have done an amazing job with their new season´s scarves- go get a look on them!
Here I leave you with some fun ideas of wearing skulls! X

Thursday, 4 September 2014

New go-to

Hello everyone! Lately I have been doing some sets with a special colour- burgundy. I really love this colour, and it is perfect for this fall, so hey, let´s give it a try! I have seen burgundy in shorts, cullottes, shoes, trousers, blouses, but mostly bags. You can easily combine it with denim, stripes, black and even white- so yes, it is an amazing colour.
Here I leave you with some ideas you can use to style this colour.
Much love from Kat xx