Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ways to style YSL bags

Hi guys! I am so sorry fo rmy lack of posts but I´m on my exam weeks right now and I am trying my best not to fail any exam (which is not easy at all!). 
I have been quite obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent in the past year- their stuff is amazing and always on point, and their bags? Oh man, their bags are the eighth wonder of the world!
I am really into four of them: the Duffle bag, the Sac Dejour bag, the Moujik bag and their clutches. But I am really in love with the first two, because of the simple reason of being very versatile and chic, apart from being useful for my everyday life. (I hope someday I will get one of those).
Here I leave you with some inspiration for these lovely bags. See ya! X Kat


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