Sunday, 19 April 2015

Untitled #6262

Untitled #6262

Azalea black dress
€55 -

Aquazzura black sandals
€510 -

Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag
€1.655 -

Zimmermann stackable ring
€240 -

Jeweliq midi ring
€34 -

Lana choker necklace
€1.855 -

Topshop fedora hat
€44 -

Tech accessory
€13 -

Ray Ban ray ban aviator
€185 -

current wishlist / / April 2015

current wishlist

Alice Olivia top
€75 -

Bella Freud blue top
€370 -

H M jacket
€42 -

Zara short shorts
€120 -

Harrods short shorts
€695 -

Isabel Marant ankle boots
€855 -

Vince flat sandals
€210 -

Office black sandals
€53 -

STELLA McCARTNEY black leather purse
€945 -

Rebecca Minkoff crossbody handbag
€180 -

Yves Saint Laurent shoulder bag
€1.840 -

Crystal necklace
€12 -

Mirrored lens sunglasses
€24 -

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


So the infamous Coachella started last weekend and here I am waiting for the second one, waiting for more outfit inspirations for this summer!
So in my opinion, Coachella is and always be one of the best fashion festivals out there- and I really really hope to be able to go there someday! And as last year (when I first got into this festival), this year´s outfits have really been on point and have given me some ideas on how to combine boohoo stuff this summer wtihout losing completely my minimalist style- which I must say it´s pretty cool, as I don´t mix my style with others much.
Some of my fashion inspirations have caught my eye (as everyday), and have made me love warm colours more than I thought I would! The use of different shades of brown has inspired me quite a lot and I´m thinking of making some sets with some ideas of wearing brown with my style.
Anyway, the wearing-brown-tops-with-brown-booties has really been in the first weekend, along with the basic black&white and total black outfits (which have made me weak on my knees, not joking). Also, I have seen many white summer dresses-which are perfect to look effortlessly cool and boohoo.
Don´t get me started with the jewellery! I am all into all these boohoo necklaces that cover the center of your chest like a high-neck top. They definitely are the go-to accessories if you do not want to look like you tried hard choosing a simple plus for your outfit, but make you look incredible.
Cannot wait for the second weekend! Until then, I hope you have a nice week! x

Untitled #6250

Friday, 10 April 2015


Hi everyone! So one of my favourite times of the years has finally arrived- that time when everyone dresses with boohoo clothes and remind me of the 70´s style.
Coachella, being one of the most famous festivals in the fashion world, attracts lots of famous people with amazing taste in clothing, which makes us (fashion bloggers) spot stuff that we like and may buy- so yeah, it´s a great festival to get more inspired by the boohoo world.
As it is quite expensive to go there, and it is quite impossible for me to actually attend the festival, I have made some sets with what I would dream of wearing there.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Studded sandals: the ultimate obsession

Summer is coming- and with that hot and sunny weather too! So what´s better invention than some cool and easily wearable studded sandals to be on point wearing some simple and fresh shoes? (The genius who invented sandals needs a recognition on his honour I swear).
I have lately been really obssesed with studded sandals (heeled and not heeled ones) and I recently bought some from Forever 21- which I´m expecting will fit me okay!
Anyway until I finally get the perfect pair of these I made some sets to have some inpiration for you to use this summer!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My love for dark colours.

Spring has come, summer is going to be here in only two months´ time, and people have already started using floral prints and flashy clothes. But here, in Katlandia, my little world, the colours that seem to be the most powerful ones are always black, white, blue and grey.
My wardrobe essentials are always these colours, if it does not variate a bit. And yes, if I could, I would have all my wardrobe with those colours (but hey, there are always some exceptions, right?).
Well, unlike many people´s opinions, I think the monochrome colours and navy blue can be wearable even if there are over 40 degrees centigrades were I am. And, of course, during the cold days and nights, they can go with everything, And people do not look at you as you were wearing a forbidden colour- as black and grey are criticized. People tend to think those two must be worn during the winter times, and if you happen to wear them during summer, expect some nasty looks at your outfit, and manys "isn´t it too hot to wear such dark colours?"
Well, it is not. Just because they are related to winter, that does not mean you cannot wear them during hot days.
And, to make you understand (or attempt to) my love for the dark colours, I did this collection- which cannot entirely be seen in the post, so just by clicking in the link below the last two outfits, you can access to my polyvore and see them all.