Saturday, 30 May 2015

Lazy May

Today has been one of my laziest days of May. I have spent my whole day inside watching some episodes of The Inbetweeners (one of my favourite TV shows right now)  with this super cute outfit that IS NOT MY PYJAMAS (many people claim that, and it isn´t true!) aaaaand I´m quite happy to tell you that I got some clip extensions for a year or so- which is great as I can take them off whenever I want!
What have you been up to today? Leave in the comments belows!
P.S. these amazing shorts are from Pull&Bear if anyone is interested!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fashion inspo: CHRISSY TEIGEN

Hi guys! I have FINALLY finished all my exams (as far as I know I haven´t failed any) so that means... more posts coming to the blog! (And yes, many outfit of the days too!!).
So lately I have been kind of attracted to a supermodel who happens to be All Of Me´s singer´s partner, Chrissy Teigen.
This wman has a unique and really minimalist fashion style, which I adore- I love minimalist. I have been seeing some of her street style ouftits, and there isn´t one I haven´t fallen in love with. Quite scary actually.
I love how she styles white clothing effortessly, unlike many people who try their best to mix white clothes with fear of making one of the infamous "fashion errors". Chrissy is more into light clothing, and the way she styles monochrome or the combination of white and denim really gets me.
Also, the accessories she uses -sunnies, fedoras, bags of all sizes- are very chic and make her outfits look really cool.

I actually chose some of her most used stuff to make some sets inpired in her everyday fashion sense. Please note these are al made by my perspective, she may not be the kind of girl who would wear everything form the following sets xx

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ootd / / 05.02.2015 / /

I can feel the summer next to the corner by now! I am glad to announce that the warm weather has started showing off its (obviously) warm temperatures in my town, and that means no longer winter jackets for me! (At least by now)
Here you got some shots of my outfit today featuring for the first time ever Forever 21! 

I received these sandals a few weeks ago and they are the most comfortable pair I own so far- no joking. Also, let´s not forget the fact that they are quite affordable and super fashionable.

Tee and shorts from Zara, sandals from Forever 21 and sunnies from Ray-ban